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Providence Sr. HS 
North Carolina Governer’s Award

Over Heels

Outer Banks
    I will take her to live by the Atlantic.
    Every morning she will see the ocean’s great blue arms
    stretching across the horizon to welcome her home like my own.
    When the golden sun falls below the trees, it’ll reveal
    stars and a disco ball moon that
    we’ll dance under on the cool sand.

Inner Banks
    Her freckles are like a map of miles of road,
    stretching into the swaying green grasses in her eyes and
    the soft dunes of her lips. Her hair hangs about her face
    like clouds tangled in sunshine,
    masking cerebral thunder.

    Her laughter rolls like the hills, and her
    smile fits her cheeks like rivers fit the land.
    Her lips are state fair funnel cakes in October,
    leaving powdered sugar tracks across my collarbones.

    She sits with her legs knotted in a breezy sky,
    keeping her gaze on the tide of clouds above us.
    I’ll only ever be looking at her.